Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dance Recital

Sora has spent most of this school year taking ballet. She loves it and we got to see the adorableness at her first dance recital!

She loved waiting backstage (mostly because there was a movie). And look at that fantastic ballet bun (so proud)!

 Here she is sote arabesque ing across the stage.
 She had quite the audience. The first night, the Brazilian staff, two sets of grandparents, and Kyle and I were in the audience. She got 3 bouquets of flowers! The second night, a third grandma, as well as her mom watched her dance. And another bouquet from the lone boy in her class (his mother's a florist and gave them to all the girls).

Sora is determined to do gymnastics next year and return to ballet when she is in 4th grade. We'll see what adorableness is in store next year!

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