Saturday, June 17, 2017


So, we aren't home much this summer, but we did manage to find a short tennis clinic for Sora. She went for 2 weeks and LOVED it. I'm hoping she can go again next year. After her class was done each day, she begged to hit the ball against the wall. I loved tennis in high school and can totally relate to wanting as much practice as possible.
 We stayed home for a few days for tennis clinic while Kyle was up at camp. I reminded Sora that she has buckets full of toys she never plays with. Here is a rare moment with the play mobil.
 They are all sunning after a big picnic.
 There is order within the chaos - just like in her room!
 One of the reasons we stayed home for tennis was also for Sora's dentist appt. She hates going, but when she realized we already put it off for 4 extra months due to our crazy schedule, she was easily talked into having a good attitude. The poor kid hates mint and apparently there was a lot of mint taste involved. She didn't have any cavities, which means Kyle and I are doing something right with our constant flossing and mouth wash. Hopefully our routine can continue to make up for her terrible dental genetics!

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